CIP Hall

Commercial Important Person is the superior comfort hall for arriving and departing passengers using any airline services, accomplishing flights at Tashkent International Airport.


Tashkent Airport

Upon arrival to Tashkent International Airport, passengers, who use CIP Hall services are welcomed to exit the plane right after arrival and they are met by special staff. If the passenger has luggage, airport executive collects luggage tags. 

After all passengers of CIP Hall arrive to the meeting place, the whole group is accompanied by the airport executive to the CIP Hall in separate bus.

For departure from Tashkent International Airport, passengers arrive to CIP Hall by themselves, where after border and customs inspection using separate corridor they follow to the waiting room and after that they are invited to the separate exit for the plane boarding.



CIP Hall Services at Tashkent Airport


The following services are offered at CIP Hall to the passengers:

● Simplified customs, immigration, and passport control passing procedure using separate corridor;
● Comfort conditions providing for short-term waiting at the hall, equipped with soft furniture and TV-set, where passengers are offered bar and buffet lunch. If clients order alcoholic drinks or additional food at CIP Hall, they should cover the cost by  themselves (no credit cards accepted);
● Great variety of newspapers and magazines;
● Passengers’ transportation on separate bus, porter’s services (if required).




CIP Hall Services at Tashkent Airport


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